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The building blocks of story from Ira Glass

Learn from the best. Here’s the first of a four-part series on storytelling from Ira Glass of This American Life. Here he begins with the two fundamental building blocks of good story. A skill worth developing as far as you are capable, although few¬† of us will reach his level of mastery.


Gist – a Farleyfile for the 21st century

I’ve been part of the private beta of Gist for the last several months and am still wrapping my head around it. They’ve just opened up the beta for wide consumption. Here’s the announcement from CEO T.A. McCann. Today, Gist brings you a better way to communicate and build stronger business relationships.   After a year […]

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Conversion Central: 101 tools to convert video, music, images and PDFs

Conversion Central: 101 tools to convert video, music, images and PDFs Here’s a fantastic new resource from Codswallop: Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More.

MindManager 7 is now available from MindJet

The folks at MindJet officially have launched their latest upgrade to MindManager Pro, now at version 7. Here’s their press release, although you’ll probably find Chuck Frey’s preview comments more useful. I’m still getting used to the Ribbon interface, but that is also the case for Office 2007. If you’re using this tool, you’ll want […]

Web Design Tool: Denim Site Sketching

This looks like an interesting design tool to check out. I’m particularly intrigued with tools that emphasize the iterative and provisional nature of design. I think that too many of today’s automated design tools convey a false sense of completeness by creating outputs that look too polished. I will be downloading this and experimenting with […]

Mindjet announces MindManager 7

Here’s something to look forward to for MindManager fans. I saw a brief preview of this earlier this year, but otherwise haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I will be upgrading as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. Thank you to Chuck Frey for his excellent summary post […]

Using Mindmaps as Presentation Tools

Over the last several years I’ve gradually been replacing PowerPoint with MindManager as my presentation tool of choice. Most audiences seem to like it. Nick Duffill of Gyronix offers some excellent advice on how to make more effective use of mindmaps in presentations. Here are Nick’s key points, although all of his advice (and his […]

Tony Buzan’s advice on how to create mindmaps

This video clip of Tony Buzan on mindmapping is making the rounds. Jack Vinson and Chuck Frey also pointed it out. According to Buzan there’s a right way and, by implication, a wrong way to draw mindmaps. I suspect Buzan would give me low marks on how I make use of his technique. What good […]

Some new data to support the value of full text blog feeds

I have long been an advocate of full text feeds for blogs. Here’s some data to support the contention from Amit Agarwal. Full text feeds pay off for this blogger I love Amit Agarwal s analysis on the full-text vs. partial text debate. I HATE partial text feeds. I am subscribing to a few now […]

Visualizing timelines with AJAX

Here’s a pointer to an interesting tool for working with timeline data. Part of a larger research project at MIT called SIMILE that also looks worth investigating. timeline visualization a AJAX widget for visualizing time-based events from a simple XML file, without the need for software installation, server-side or client-side. users can pan the timeline […]