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A user tries to follow the Echos of the RSS debate

Echo: Stop the madness!. Log Format Roadmap. There seems to be quite some excitement around Ram Ruby’s Roadmap. At first I was a little skeptical on the project (why not calling it YASF as in Yet Another Syndication Format?). After reading Tim Bray’s why we need a new format at all I think that it’s […]

RSS from the user’s side

really simple shit. I love “RSS”. I love my aggregator. I want the two to work in harmony for a long, long time. If I understand correctly, several blogtool vendors are making up their own versions of RSS as they go along. Most of these new formats won’t work with my aggregator unless adaptations are […]

Getting up to speed on wikis, part 3

There continues to be great dialog on wikis in the mix of knowledge work in organizations. Ross Mayfield, of socialtext, has an excellent summary post on Group Voice that makes a good point to pick up this thread. Its not a choice between one or another. The temporal structure of weblogs and logical structure of […]

Dibs on Weblog Outliner Tool

Dave continues to tease us with the Weblog Outliner Tool. (SOURCE:Scripting News)-OK, Dave, please stop teasing us. I want this yesterday for my Radio blog ! Ready to beta test anytime!<QUOTE>Last year on this day I started work on My Weblog Outliner tool. I gotta get back to work on that soon. It’s a good […]

Getting up to speed on wikis, part 2

Last Thursday’s post on wikis generated quite a bit of good feedback. Comments from a number of readers offered pointers to more wiki related materials. Doug Holton, a graduate student at Vanderbilt, offers these three wiki-specific entries from his blog (which looks to be a useful reference in general): Here are some more thoughts (and […]

Getting up to speed on wikis

Wikis are now on the radar screens of many of us grappling with using technology effectively in knowledge work. Ward Cunningham’s book,The Wiki Way:Quick Collaboration on the Web, has been on my bookshelf for some time now and I’ve visited a handful of public wikis. Lately there’s been a spate of posts in the blog […]

Reed on the Myth of Interference

My article on David Reed is in Salon. Salon today is running “The Myth of Interference,” an article I wrote about David Reed’s idea that the federal policies intended to prevent radio signals from interfering are based on bad science…. [Joho the Blog] With this concluding quote from Reed “The best science is often counterintuitive,” […]

Why not RSS?

Why RSS?. There’s an interesting cross-blog discussion going on about RSS. Follow the links: “Maybe one day Corante will get RSSfeeds. I almost completely missed this Part II. Almost nobody reads blogs anymoe. Everything comes in through RSS.” [Marc’s Voice] “Actually, a tiny technical elite reads RSS. Everyone else reads on the web. Maybe that […]

Confessions of an RSS bigot

Shifted Librarian. Shifted Librarian: “The Corante crew just doesn’t want to give up the RSS feeds, so I don’t read a single Corante blog.” [Scripting News]’ Yes, I’m an RSS bigot as well. And yes, I know that I could create my own feed using something like RSS Distiller as John Robb points out. But […]

Outlining and weblogs

Dave W. continues to tease. How long have Radio users wanted to update our weblogs via the outliner? Seems like forever. That’s a feature that’d be worth the yearly update price. [Steven’s Notebook] When can I get my outliner? Like Steven I’ve been waiting for this next bit of power out of Radio. As a […]