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Can't we please try to solve real technology problems for real users?

Why does Scoble choose to deliberately misunderstand Tim Bray’s thought experiment about Microsoft using ODF as the underlying core document format for Office? Robert isn’t dumb, so I have to assume his response is a deliberate misreading of what Bray is suggesting. It’s reflective of all too many technical arguments. As a user of technology, […]

Learning technologies overview from down under

Another excellent resource courtesy of Stephen Downes on technologies in learning. Emerging Technologies: A Framework For Thinking , This sweeping and forward-looking report commissioned by the Australian Capital Territory Department of Education (ACT DET) to look at the impact and potential of emerging technologies in learning is a must-read for decision-makers in the field; […]

Building a personal knowledge management environment

Just a quiet little pointer from Dave Winer this morning on the idea of his that has ended up driving a huge amount of my experimentation with creating an environment for personal knowledge management. 1/4/01: “In the centralized model for the Internet, your browser makes requests of a server that could be very far away, […]

Details of my Windows/LAMP Environment

I posted something recently talking about how I am using my laptop as a test bed for various Web 2.0 ideas ( Experimenting with Web 2.0 on my laptop ). Several people have asked for more details on that environment. Here is what I am running today: Hardware: IBM T41 with 1GB of memory and […]

Experimenting with Web 2.0 on my laptop

Who knew I was so avant garde? As I understand Kottke's proposal, the next step on the way to the WebOS is to run a web server on your desktop so that you can get access to data on your local machine by way of your browser and effectively erase the distinction between data out […]

RSS inside the organization

A nice overview article from InformationWeek on the productivity benefits of RSS inside the organization. By way of Frank Patrick. Order From Chaos Via RSS. Order From Chaos Via RSS — If you haven’t gotten into having the web fed to you, you’re missing out on a productive way of webbing. [Frank Patrick’s Focused Performance […]

More RSS converts

RSS bigots of the world unite! This is another of those 'you need to experience it to understand it' kinds of phenomena. Another RSS Convert. RSS, where are thou? “Syndication is key. I have become such a snob that I won't read a blog if I can't dump it into my BlogLines account. Okay, snob […]

Making A Better Open Source CMS

I feel much better knowing I’m not the only one who finds Open Source CMS systems so frustrating. I’ve been poking around with several on the theory that a decent, affordable, CMS should be a key component in a personal knowledge management environment. Veen helps articulate why I’ve been struggling and it’s not because I’m […]

Stripe Snoop Homepage

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about what is hiding on the back of those credit cards in your wallet? I see some soldering iron time in my future. Stripe Snoop Homepage. Stripe Snoop is a suite of research tools that captures, modifies, validates, generates, analyzes, and shares data from magstripe cards. The data […]

A Taste Of Computer Security

I’ve only just begun to read through this, but it certainly appears to live up to its billing. A Taste Of Computer Security. andrew_ps writes “Amit Singh has published on his a paper (mini book really) on computer security. A Taste of Computer Security is a VERY comprehensive paper in what it covers, but […]