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When should managers insert themselves into a messy situation

Bob Sutton’s Work Matters Blog continues to be one of my best sources of managerial insight. One of the challenges of managing is choosing whether and when to intervene in your organization (presuming that micro-management is not your goal). In this recent excellent post, Sutton offers the distinction between two classic acronyms as an excellent diagnostic […]

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John Cleese on the creative process

Excellent reflections on his creative process, the value of "sleeping on it", and the battle between flow and interruption. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to spend 10 minutes of your day


How better thinking about deliverables leads to better knowledge work results

Deliverables should be a knowledge worker’s best friend but, like all good friendships, the relationship can get complicated. One of the most direct ways to improve the quality of knowledge work is to spend more time and effort to define appropriate deliverables. My faith in deliverables has grown out of decades of practical consulting experience, […]

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Patti Anklam on The Year of Personal Net Work

Patti Anklam and I have reconnected after first meeting several years ago. We navigate in the same circles and our networks overlap, but I hadn’t been carefully following her work. My mistake and I’ve fixed that now. Here’s a recent piece from her with a very good overview presentation on moving from a general understanding […]

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Andrew Sullivan on Blogging

One of the lovely things about the Internet is that the good stuff is there whenever you finally manage to stumble across it (so is the crap, but that’s another story). I’m in the process of cleaning up a bunch of stuff that has been lingering in my various queues and stopped long enough to […]


Storytelling advice from one of the masters

Luis Suarez pointed me to this excellent clip by NPR’s Scott Simon on how to tell a story:     I’m with Luis that storytelling skill is an essential in today’s knowledge intensive organization.

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Gist – a Farleyfile for the 21st century

I’ve been part of the private beta of Gist for the last several months and am still wrapping my head around it. They’ve just opened up the beta for wide consumption. Here’s the announcement from CEO T.A. McCann. Today, Gist brings you a better way to communicate and build stronger business relationships.   After a year […]

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Zen and the scientific method

Espen reminded me of the following passage from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It is a wonderfully succinct description of the scientific method and its power to protect us from the risks of wishful thinking when problems call for discipline. We used to use this passage as a piece of our basic training […]

It’s not about creativity, it’s about curiosity

The critical leverage point for an organization seeking more effective innovation is establishing new attitudes toward curiosity. Industrial organizations were optimized to extract value from tiny doses of curiosity and cannot tolerate larger doses. Today’s organizations require more frequent and intensive invention and innovation, which depends in turn on learning to foster and effectively channel […]

Making online forums work

Excellent insights from Cory Doctorow on the skills and techniques needed to ensure reasonably civil and effective discourse in online environments. You would also do well to take a look at Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s advice on moderation in online forums. Which troll-fighting techniques work Cory Doctorow: In my latest InfoWeek column, I look at what […]